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Lean Six Sigma Training

Enhance your career with our revolutionary Lean Six Sigma training and certification. Our curriculum and certifications range from White, all the way up to Master Black Belt. Join our monthly training groups or invite us in house to perform training and certification. On -line training for individuals will be coming soon through the E6 University

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E6 Certification - Beyond Lean Six Sigma

The E6 Cycle is our innovative process of transformation towards world class performance for product and service. We will teach you a new way of approaching your business through developing focus, establishing processes and systems, creating feedback metrics, organizing your skill sets, commissioning proper and effective priorities, and efficiently navigating to break through performance. E6 certification surpasses all Lean Six Sigma levels, is entirely novel and the future of all innovative thinkers. On -line training for individuals will be coming soon through the E6 University

Consulting and Business Analysis Service

Our business analysis and consulting team are experts in creating “build to suit” solutions that incorporate your organizational values and goals. We specialize in Corporate and Organizational Analysis, Project Management, Problem Resolution (Technical and Non-Technical), Research & Development, Experimental Design, Culture Creation, and New Business Start Ups.

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Executive Leadership Development & Peer Group

Once a month, we conduct a gathering of business, government, health and educational leaders undergoing excellence education and peer sharing. Lean on your peers to help improve your organization and business while The E6 Model of Mastery is put into action. Top notch leadership and management development is essential in differentiating yourself from your competition. We also provide in house education for your staffs. One on one coaching is also available.

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Small Business Start Up